Current version 2.0 series of 2016

The Ministry of Manpower has started a new programme, in consultation and collaboration with, all sectors of Trade and Industry for young Omani Nationals which provides opportunities for their professional training to meet the needs of the various sectors of Business and Industry. This programme has three stages, namely, the Diploma, the Higher Diploma and the Bachelor of Technology Degree.

The student has to achieve a specific level of competence at each stage to enable him to qualify for the next stage. After completion of the theoretical and practical training at each stage specified in the curriculum, the student is required to undergo On-The-Job Training (OJT) for eight weeks at participating private or public sector organizations / establishments to polish and groom the skills learnt and developed by the student.

The OJT system has three main participants, the Student, an OJT Supervisor from the participating organization and the Assessor from the concerned teaching Department of the college.

This online assessment describes the assessment system for evaluating the performance of the student during the OJT and guidelines for the OJT Supervisor and the Assessor.

What is On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Many of you have been students for 12 years. During these eight weeks you will be able to experience what it is to work outside the college. You can:

  • Find out about your technical and other skills, what you like doing and what you are good at doing.
  • Further improve and develop the skills that you acquired at the college.
  • Learn how to interact and work cooperatively and effectively with people.
  • Learn the importance of team work and completing tasks on time.
  • Develop your communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Develop your self confidence and lea rn the benefits of a positive attitude.
  • Find out how to use equipment that you may have used at the college or may have seen or discussed at the college.
  • Find out about possible work after you have finished your course at the college.

Technical Help

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