On-the-Job Training Online Assessment


The OJT Department in Ibra College of Technology in collaboration with the Computer Services Section of ETC, created and implemented the Online Assessment System that will cater the needs of the OJT students.

The system provides complete assessment evaluating the performance of the student during the OJT and guidelines for the OJT Supervisor and the Assessor.


To be at the forefront of higher education institutions in technological education nationally & regionally.


To provide a high quality learning,training & research environment towards developing technological,innovative & entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the ever evolving social & economic needs.

Updated: 24/06/2019 Source: Colleges of Technology Strategic Plan Elements (2019-2024)

Graduate Attributes

  • Are well disciplined and committed to hard work and a high standard of productivity.
  • Are able to apply the knowledge and skills to a diverse and competitive work environment.
  • Are able to think critically, analyse and solve problems.
  • Have a high degree of competence in using information and communication technology.
  • Are professionally competent and up-to-date in their field of specialization in a changing global environment.
  • Can gather and process knowledge from a variety of sources, and communicate effectively in written and spoken English.
  • Can effectively demonstrate and apply good interpersonal skills in team work and leadership roles.
  • Are committed to self development through lifelong learning.
  • Are socially responsible citizens aware of contemporary issues in contributing to national development.
  • Are able to demonstrate and apply their entrepreneurial skills.

Contact Information

Ms. Aida Ali Hilal Al-Sabti

OJT Department Head
Student Affairs
IP Phone: 969
Contact No.: 25587969


Mr. Sanjiv Sharma

OJT Coordinator - IT Department
IP Phone: 971
Contact No.: 25587971


Dr. Anil Kumar K

OJT Coordinator - Business Studies Department
IP Phone: 846
Contact No.: 25587846


Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim

OJT Coordinator - Engineering Department (Electrical Section)
IP Phone: 933
Contact No.: 25587933


Made for UTAS-Ibra by ETC

For technical assistance please call ETC Helpdesk at IP Phone: 947


User Manual (.pdf 2.72MB)

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