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Online Staff Daily Task Plan (UTL) The system is primary used for Administative and Finance Affairs personnel
Finance System Finance System
Online Class Attendance Online Class Attendance
Online Appeal Online Appeal
E-learning Platform E-Learning Platform (powered by Moodle)
Oracle Web Access Oracle Web Access for staff and students
Asset Management System Asset Management System
Curriculum Development and Review Framework (CDRF) Curriculum Development and Review Framework (CDRF)
Policy Management Portal Policy Management Portal
Research Financial System Research Financial System
Staff Daily Task Plan Staff day-to-day task plan assigned by heads or committee leaders or adhoc responsibility
E-Certificate Validation Verification of e-certificated issued
Social Media Registration Monitoring Social Media Registration Monitoring
Sports Day 2020 Sports Day 2020 online registration
iTube Complete repository of videos manual.
Student Grouping Query Student Grouping Query for New intake
Student Satisfaction Survey (SSV) Student Satisfaction Survey
Academic Advising (ADV) Academic advising is a process by which every student (Advisee) in UTAS-Ibra is guided to reach their educational and career goal by staff member (Advisor).
Car Booking System (Booking) Car Booking system is an in-house development software, that helps college staff to book vehicles for their activities outside the college.
Course Preference Form (CPF) Updates and change requests for online courses preference form.
Community Outreach Program Community outreach training services provided to the private and government employees in Ibra.
ID Issuance and Monitoring (IDM) Track the record of each students come for ID card issuance, Monitoring system to avoid any duplicatation or dummy cards, Students can use system for Online Exit clearance to avoid running physically to each departments.
Online CAF (Staff) Web based CAF to ease of access and used centralized database to manage all academic related records of students like assessment and exam marks and generate result analysis report to provide clarity in CAC final meeting.
Online CAF (Student) Web based CAF for Specialization programme and Foundation Programme
Curriculum Mapping (CPMS) Curriculum mapping is an important task used to show proper alignment of program goals, course objectives, instructional support materials, formative assessment activities, summative outcomes assessments, and finally the instructional plan. Simply put, it is the creation of a map showing the path of both teaching and learning from start to finish.
Course File Portal to provide facilities to staff to upload course files online end of each semester for review and archive purpose.
Document Management System QA (DMC-QA) One Location for all QA related documents where all groups upload and check documents.
ETC Support Ticketing System (STS) The system provides ticket support to technician from staff who requested for a technical assistance.
Exam File Copying Provides facilities to upload exam files and folders to respective courses created in Moodle Portal to make it more secure and immediate delivery to course lecturers.
Examination Timetable (Timetable) The system provides staff their respective assigned duty for invigilation and activated every examination period.
Digital Learning Materials A collection of learning materials in .pdf formats and external links for staff and students reference.
Library Management System (LMS) Portal It is a portal where staff and students can search and reserve books from the Main Library and the SAC. Patrons also can access (by Listening or Reading) available online learning resources.
Managed Print Services (MPS) Manage Print Service (MPS) is managing the inventory arrangement of the toners and printers under contract by an external company.
Academic Integrity System Academic Integrity System is to manage malpractice cases during MidSem, Final examination and for other Course Work Assessments too. Online form to register case and follow the decision from Department Council, Disciplinary committee, and College Council.
Online Clinic (Clinic) Online Clinic system provide facilities to maintain students records who are visiting Clinic and avail treatment, manage medicine and drugs counts and provide reports on expiry stocks and available stocks.
Online Complementary (Complementary) This system will enable the student to apply for Complimentary Examination through online.Once a student is absent in Major Examination like the Mid-Sem and Final Exams, the student has the privilege torequest for a specialexam.
OJT Online Assessment System (OJT) This online assessment describes the assessment system for evaluating the performance of the student during the OJT and guidelines for the OJT Supervisor and the Assessor.
Projection Module (PRM) This module is designed to help you get acquainted with projection techniques and building alternative scenarios, based on different sets of policy objectives.
Progression and Retention (PAR) Tracks the students' progression and retention statistics per batch of intakes.
Risk Management Information System (RMIS) Risk management is the process of recognizing risk and developing methods to both minimize and manage the risk. This requires the development of a framework to identify, analyze, evaluate (prioritize), plan, manage (deal with and control), and monitor risk exposures. This system provide the committee to post identified risk through online and consolidate for reference.
Student Password Inquiry System (SPIS) Online view and inquiry for students password for ETC staff in case of studens forget their password.
Student Exit Clearance (SEC) Student Exit Clearance, is an online system for student clearance application which integrates with other systems in the college such as Library Management System, OJT Registration and OJT Feedback System and Alumni System
Staff Registration and Data Verification (SRDV) Updating of staff profile
Online Staff Performance Appraisal System (eValuator) eValuator is an Online Staff Performance Appraisal System that is tailor-made for the needs of Ibra College of Technology. It is almost a 360 degree assessment of staff’s performance measured against pre-defined standards and indicators.
Staff Dashboard (Dashboard) Updates and provide Dashboard for staff to view all balance and used leaves counts and online attendance check for any missing in-out punch for current or previous months.
Student Support System (SSS) Integrated system for students to request for any academic related support and services from ICT.
Staff Directory (Directory) Staff profile information
Teaching and Advising Feedback Collecting of feedback from students concerning of teaching and advising.
Students' Tutorial Management & Registration (Tutorial) The Students' Tutorial Management & Registration System facilitates and manages tutorial registration and schedules of staff and students to support tutorial sessions thus improving ICT students' quality of learning.
Training Needs Analysis (TNF) System provides facilities to choose Training types and skills and apply for training.

Electronic Board (eBoard)

Online Registration/Feedback/Survey

iTube (Archive Videos)

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